Wednesday, December 22, 2010

creamy potato soup....with real bacon.

So. Set the bacon to frying. :)
Chop that celery.
When your bacon's crispy, save the bacon grease for sauteing the celery and onions.
I love the k5 knife by Cold Steel.
Music playing on the laptop..... coffee in a sweet purple mug......thanks, justin and sarah! :)
My view of the counter. 
See those embers? Uh yeah...I had socks on, but I stepped in them...and suddenly something was getting warm....I wiped my feet on this brick, but I was still freaking out. All's well that ends well, I guess. 
Carrots and away...I guess I only sauteed the onions in the grease this time 'round.
Real live bacon. Heh. I wanted to do some sort of sausage, but Dad requested bacon.
This stuff was more fatty than the stuff we've had in the past, though. :P Not my favorite.
Make a sort of roux....for a white sauce. ^^ Diced crispy bacon.
Milk and flour, whisk it well then pour it into the onions that are mostly wilted from sauteing in the grease.
Or you could do more healthy sauteing. As in....olive oil or something. Whatever.'ll get hot again and bubbly. That's good. Add milk once in a while so you can build it up; keep in mind what ratio of potatoes/white sauce you're having for your soup.
Po-tah-tos! Mash several.
Mixy-mixy. This is with the celery and carrots thrown in, all nice and cooked up.
And the bacon. I blended some of this with a potato or two to get it a bit smoother.
Hot ginger-peach tea. Oh yum. Right now, 9:48pm on Wednesday night, I'm waiting for the kettle to heat so I can have just that.... ^^
This was Monday night. I had it in a mug, because someone didn't have all the dishes washed... hehe.
Mmmm it was good.

My gosh. Funny quote, huh?
There is no sincerer love than the love of food.
[George Bernard Shaw]

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