Tuesday, December 21, 2010

it's about time summer comes back.

I miss it.
Last night, snow was falling...and it was quite beautiful.
But.......but.....I want this back:
I dare you to tell me this picture doesn't make you wish for summer.
Today is winter solstice, as far as the men in my family told me. The shortest day, I guess?
And starting tomorrow, we get even closer to Spring; the sun starts to go inch back to the North.
That's my way of seeing it, anyways.
See that beautiful thing?
That is composed of the work of a vitamix blender.... and this:

And this:
And this:
Not my photos, of course. Do they look like it? Um...nope.
So....blend all that good stuff up.
It's like a sorbet.
Dump it in your mug, and stick a spoon in it.
It's a.ma.zing.
*happy sigh*
Of course, we just dump the whole 4 cups' worth of yogurt in the blender, since there's how many of us.
So I shared.
This wasn't all it made; just the first few to be served. How beautiful is that?!
Drinking coffee, writing on paper, and ....you can see the orange ^^ mug and Sugar In The Raw that Ben used for his coffee. I swear, he dumped in 2 tablespoon's worth. He just laughed at me and said that milk makes it not so sweet.
Well, forgive me. I've been taking mine with just milk in it lately.
He loves Julian Smith's song about coffee. Hahah. Ben drinks it practically white, I drink it nearly black. ;)

p.s. Mocha cheesecake sounds like exactly the right thing to do on this foggy, snowy Tuesday. So...there'll be a post someday about that. ;) Drool-worthy, of course.....


Cristina said...

it's wicked cold here, so yes, that first picture makes me wish for summer :)

Anonymous said...

So. Yummy. Looking.