Friday, December 17, 2010

there's nothing like ravioli... and community naps.

Today was pretty much wonderful.
Thank God.
After last night, I needed something to finally go right...

[Lyd and me tonight, inbetween washing dishes...]
Right now, at 9:32pm, I almost feel like this should be a two-or-three part post.
Maybe waking at 7, spending 8 hours alone with two kids under 5, and making minestrone soup and cleaning the kitchen is getting to me.
Okay, so maybe it's the knowledge that there are 130 pictures in the folder from today......hmmmm.
Yes, I bet you that's what's weighing on my mind. :)
Who can blame me? I didn't take any pictures yesterday.
Ben took these, this morning, when he brought Mom's Canon over along with the whole freakin' pot of coffee so I could refill the mug I brought over. :)
Alright, enough of the cutie pie that Reese is. Where's Sammi??
Eating grits. :)
It's one of her favorites.
I'll be honest with you; it was so weird to just open something and pour hot water. Just open something, and dump it into a bowl and zap it to warm it up.
 [Looky there! It's Buzz Lightyear. His favorite toy. Unfortunately, it has working batteries in it....haha.]
So weird.
Several months ago, we ditched our microwave. It was several years old, glitching, and we were hardly using it anyways. Plus, if you've ever heard of the health stuff related to microwaves.... (okay, okay, don't worry; we won't go down that health-nut road!!)
Besides that, we do nearly everything from scratch at our house.
Not exactly convenience, and you have to pre-meditate much of the food. Heh.
So, this was weird. I mean, I watched Sam and Reese in early November... when Anna was gone to Alicia's for that week.
You can really see my birthmark in this picture. I just noticed that.
From this point of view, it's under my right eye. Literally, my left. Heh. It's like...the shape of an upside-down candle. :) It used to be darker when I was younger.
My breakfast. Cinnamon and spice instant oatmeal.... and reading in Isaiah or Psalms, methinks.
Our smiles:)
Oh hi, I'm what you said not to..... and throw my sisters choice-toy-of-the-moment over the counter and into the sunroom! Haha!
Good thing she still loves him:) They're pretty close, and hugged randomly probably 5 times today.
It was so sweet.
Oh darn. This is what happens when you stop him, tell him to stand there just for a minute, and try to snap a picture. Well, his sister was having fun running across the living room and onto the couch like a flying squirrel, so I guess maybe we could say he was bummed about that.....
Just like that, Buzz was forgotten.... :)
"Hey, Beka, can I show you Woody?"
"Sure. Hold 'im up." Ask for a smile, or go with solemn, or just say something obvious that makes them smile...I was out of funny obvious things, so I just went with her solemn face.
On another note, I loved how it turned out with the light on either side....gosh:)
There we go....there's a smile:)
Gosh. I constantly had to re-do her hair; it's not that thick at all, and kind of wispy. She had probably 4 hairstyles in the 8 hours I was with them.
1. We listened to all sorts of music. Not that much variation of good stuff on Ken's player, but oh well.
We played Keep Holding On by Avril probably 7 times. Then there was Flyleaf, Red, and .....that's it. Talk about limited. Oh well. We did good and found all the acoustic songs by Red (like Already Over), and that was lovely.
2. More hugs.
3. "Look, Beka, there's a shadow like a paper airplane!"
So what did we do? We posed by it. Of course we needed a picture with it. my idea, yes.
1. Nothing like the look of ravioli on the faces of children......looks a little like vampires...or cannibalism...or.....nevermind me. They love ravioli. Just have to make sure you cover them with a towel, because gosh it gets messy.
2. Yeah, about my from-scratch background.... I stared at those three cans for a moment, sighed, and prayed for the food with the children. And added in my head, Lord, forgive me for my laziness. I could do better. We both know that. But wait; it's not fully my "fault", since Ken doesn't buy much "ingredients" to begin with.
Oh, and my second thought? Whoa, this is way too easy.....
Third thought? Ohmygosh...that thing I read the other day...linking aluminum to Alzheimer's....
Okay, let's not jump off the boat with that thought; let's not freak out. This is only one bowl of soup from can in, what, months and months? We always make soup from ingredients. Strange world out there.
3. My Cars-themed chicken noodle soup. For real. Cars? Really...
Uh. Yes.
I swear this is the dude who sells organic fuel.....
We went over to my family's house for a little bit in the late morning.
Caleb gave Reese a second...and maybe third....banana. I told him I'd bring Reese's horrible diaper home to him. Then he'd think it was funny.
After lunch...Reese: tired and snuggled in the bed with us. Community naps. Heheh. Not really.
I read Isaiah 55 to them while they played in the playroom. i love the book of isaiah.
.....After a while, Reese was out:) Like a light.
Before we knew it, he was up and biting the head of Sam's dragon, whom she dubbed the black dragon in How To Train Your Dragon.

Well, with this last image of posing before matchbox car races, I'm leaving you with a not-too-tired goodnight.
I might stay up a bit more and read Unforgotten. It's 11:55pm.
Tomorrow sometime I'll do a post of the minestrone soup I made tonight. This post is getting way too long anyways. remember, there are 133 pictures in the folder for today? hahah!


Cristina said...

so many cute pictures. I love it!

Alida said...

what a fun day... and what a great job putting it all into photos was such a great idea!!

New follower here. Happy Weekend!!

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Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog! I'm so happy that you like it! ♥ Yours is adorable! You have such a lovely family, so sweet! I'm really glad to have found you!

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