Wednesday, December 8, 2010

there's always more to find:)


 [yes, i took this picture outside today, where we have snow...and i can't wait to show you this canvas!! ah! almost caught up...just about....oh, 120 more to go. make that 10. fingers slipping on the keyboard.]
have i mentioned steoffrey language before? they're super-duper cute.
ben christensen photography....
chambanachik --a lovely blog i hope to catch up on:)
it's amazing when you get to know people through these web logs....sometimes they need prayer, and i've been praying a lot today for her.
check out casi+cameron, by ben christensen.... so darling! and goodness, it makes me miss my long beautiful.
the adventures of mr. superman and mrs. s..... haha, she's cute and absolutely funny. and real. that's really.really nice.
this green tea mask sounds like a really nice idea right now, considering how much i like green tea, and how much bentonite clay we have in a quart jar...
marisa hopkins. she's just great. and super cute. and pretty funny. and real. and creative.
gosh. that's pretty much all it takes what?
to do anything.