Friday, December 3, 2010

jamie dear. and ideas for dinner...

How's your day been?
Eh, mine's been a mix.
That walk home was cold. Nothing like not talking out the details with the brothers and getting left at the coffee shop. I got to walk home by myself, have issues and sort 'em out to God, and get get cold and make it home in record time. No, I did not run. I walked fast. And all is forgiven.
I'm listening to the soundtrack for Pride and Prejudice. Because I was humming one of the scores a moment ago, and since we have the music book for it, I've played the part before on the piano and it was going to bug me until I pressed play on the actual thing.
Sorry for the run-on sentence. :)
See that?? ^^ I want to make it. Someone just has to go out and buy some frozen shrimp, sausage, bay leaves, and "fresh curly parsley" for me......
*happy sigh*
This food.
I just don't know what my problem is. Sorry.
Actually, that last sentence qualifies my case in the stage of denial.... ahem....
Good book. Got it from the library on a whim. One day I shall own all of his books. *laughs to self*
Amusing. Something I'm not sure I could/would do. Me no likey crocs and gaters.  Nuh-uh....

Random fact: web-logging. It's what people used to call it. Now it goes by the name of blogging.
...But I can see how that happened.
Another random fact: this site [habit] is....I don't have a word for it. It's just so cool. Under 36 words?? 
And a sneak peek of my latest canvas, the other day....
Now I need to decide if I am seriously making anything in this book for dinner tonight. :]


"genz" said...

Wow this is all really great you should follow my blog as well i think youd like alot of my stuff

Cassandra said...

GUMBO?! Oh my gosh, when I was in New Orleans I had the BEST gumbo EVER. I ate the entire bowl I was given and then kind wished I had more. It was amazing.

Mz Clean Freak said...

Many Blessings to you! *smile*
Stay Blessed..