Wednesday, December 1, 2010

stumbling on beautiful finds....

^^ in this wedding, one of the things i'm in love with is her dress.
a parisian flea market word. 

all this vintage and beauty, i think i'm going to go have another cup of coffee. revive myself. heh.
oh and this one's got flair. good golly, these are amazing.
okay i'm stopping now. :]
i love these engagement sessions.  
ruffledblog totally rocks.
gosh some people can be sooo creative with their photography.
i love it.

oh, you may or may not have noticed: the other day i was freaking out about my wingback chair.

i found just a few more awesome blogs to check out in your millions of spare minutes, ya know, those things that our days are so abundant with...har. har.

and i'm starting to get hyped up about a loverly package that will be coming soon. so excited. :)



Cristina said...

why are wedding dresses so addicting? I love to look at them even though I'm already married.

Amanda said...

That is a gorgeous dress! I love the photo!