Monday, December 20, 2010

the end of me:)

nap time.
olive garden made me do it.
sorry, i didn't have the guts or brains to remember to take pictures while eating. i didn't grab breakfast before i flew out the door to pile in the van with the fam this morning, so.....i was hungry.
salad, bread sticks...two things that i totally could fill up on....
peach bellini tea and a refill... i love that tea. jen and pj introduced anna and i to it when we were down with them in september.
chicken alfredo pasta.
that's the end of me.
you know what i really like about olive garden? besides the food, that is...
their bathrooms. their golden ambiance. and how they play stuff like michael buble, and frank sinatra (my fav)....

on the way home, we finished watching green zone, and i ate an andes candies or two....
"anna. i'm eating chocolate and watching jason bourne/matt damon. this day could not get any better."
she just stared at me.
"actually....i haven't had coffee yet today, so it could get better........way better..."
now, at 3:32pm, i really am going to take a nap. the [[web-logging]] blogosphere sucks you in, i tell ya! and i'll probably wake up when it's dark. :\ 4:30ish. ah well.
[4:12pm update: no nap today. rather, a mug of hot tea with honey sounds like just the right thing....]
how's your monday going??

okay, so here's a picture of the chicken alfredo i got. ohhh yes i just did that. :) *cue: moans of hunger* hehehe


chambanachik said...

Now I'm starving!

Angie said...

Oh wow...those pics looks so yummy! NOT FAIR I want OG now!!

Christina said...

My Monday was both good and odd. I had to visit the lady doctor, that's no fun. The rest, fun. :P

the girl said...

Oh how I love Olive Garden. I could eat their salad every single day for the rest of my life. It's a good thing the closet one is 8 miles away (too far with traffic)!