Thursday, December 2, 2010


I just had cheese-filled tortellini, cheesy white sauce, broccoli and mushrooms all mixed together less than 3 hours ago. [and i took pictures with the little sister's ipod touch, which so doesn't compare with a real gig but it captured the moment...bare minimum. see more below:)]

So why am I salivating at this post by Spontaneous Clapping??
I think I've met my match in food blog torture....
And ohmyword, look at this stuff by smitten kitchen. I dare you to.
Hey! Ever heard of the movie Knight and Day??
It rocks.
I loved it.
I may or may not have been screaming at the tv and cheering at the appropriate times near the end....
Um yeah.
I kinda liked it.
So did the siblings....
The parents are gone for a night up at a cute b&b sort of town with tons of coffee shops!
I'm only slightly jealous, because I love that one coffee shop up there...with the world drawn on the wall in sepia tones. Ah. Love. :)

Tortellini, as mentioned above.
Sisters mixing it up...
Me, well, the bottom half... wearing my Lyddie's cute apron and drinking hot coffee:)
Me, the top half, smiling.
My chair sitting in the kitchen. Yes. You guys get a sneak peek. Woohoo for you.
One of Grammy's nieces came to visit today, and since she's done upholstery in the past, we brought the chair up so she could see it and give me some tips. Funny thing, she's the same as me: doing whatever works, however you think it'll work. Except I have Google on my side. Heh:)


April said...

Ok... I'm hungry now!

Oh Mandie said...

you should know that it's only 7:21am here and now thanks to you, I'm ravenous!

Is it wrong to want tortellini this early?