Saturday, December 11, 2010

bread, cheese, and narnia ramblings.

Just so the whole world knows: Ben Barnes as Prince Caspian in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader . . . (pause as I fumble for words) . . . all I can say is, he holds up the three D's that popped into my head while watching the film. Dreamy. Dashing. Delicious.
There. Now the whole world knows.

In Anna's words: "just a little bit rather beautiful."

As she worked on making Spanikopita, I made a salad and we talked.
"Anna, Ben Barnes isn't fully human." I sighed.
"He's a little bit of perfection. What, did God use His special colors when He made Ben Barnes?"
We laughed.
"Um, no, Anna. He just....."
Really, there's no words.
He's not fully human because he's too perfect to be a normal man like those that we'll marry someday.
Anyone wager otherwise??
"I'm thinking.....because he's so unreal, we take it in and everything because we know that real men are nothing like him. Hah."

In other words, by all means, go see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
We went to see it last night. I reached for Anna's and Rachel's hands on either side of me, in the midst of a sea monster scene. I didn't read the book by C.S. Lewis. Need to, though.
Good film, thought, a bit less kiddy than the last two adaptations. My favorite, also. The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe was good. The beginning of it all as far as the movies go, though hopefully they'll go back and adapt the first two books after doing The Silver Chair and The Last Battle. This one topped it off. I loved it.
 [me, around midnight, kitchen clean, apple cider in hand.....
 ....and bread and cheddar cheese for a midnight snack. don't judge. ;) just watch wives & daughters.]
Now, a few people (more like 1 stick in the mud, excuse my British) took offense at my rather extensive, unusual vocabulary considering Ben Barnes/Caspian.
It's too bad.
Sometimes you just have to mix it up a bit. Like really--ever heard of having fun?
Vocabulary is one thing you can change up, make amusing. Sheesh.
How about you? Is there anything funky you say that most other don't? hehehehe
Heck, Anna sometimes calls men beautiful. Let me tell you: the few guys who've heard her say that, [like Justin] have been weirded out and try to talk her into saying more normal words. Hot, for example. Or handsome. Or...cute, even. Hah.

So. I'm at a stand-still point with my wingback chair, because I need these things, and it's really too bad we don't live closer to a Joann's fabric store! Urgh.

Have a lovely Saturday!

So long as we are loved by others
I should say that we are almost indispensable;
and no man is useless while he has a friend.
Robert Louis Stevenson]


Cristina said...

I think I smell a crush, hehe!

but you are right, he is rather dreamy and a little out of this world. yummy!

Christina said...

Hehehe well he is a cutie!! I am going to see the movie tomorrow. I have read all the narnia books. You should definitely read the voyage!! It might be hard after watching the movie though since they always change things(grr) but still fun.

Cassandra said...

Oh my god. I love Ben Barnes! I really need to see the new Narnia film. He's sooo gorgeous. I must agree, he's really not human at all... something too gorgeous about him.