Sunday, December 26, 2010

trolls exist....

how many of you have seen this movie??
it's really good. really cute. and i liked it, when i finally got to see it. :)
lyd got it for Christmas, and so of course she's watching it....
one of my favorite parts. hehe. "trolls exist! they steal your socks. but only the left ones; what's with that?!"
lyd's imitation is hilarious.
hope you all had a merry Christmas!


S and O said...

Yes I have seen that movie. I saw it for Halloween, its a really great movie had me laughing the whole time :D
Hope you had a Merry Christmas

Cristina said...

it's one of my favorites :)

French lover said...

My husband loves it, he probably watched it 5 times ! I still have to watch it though.. but at least now you made me want to ;)
Bisous !

nicole ...given said...

k LOVE this movie!