Thursday, December 16, 2010

ah, the sweet [er, savory] smell of failure....

I'm making dinner.
Or was.
I got home at 4:20ish p.m., nanny in place of Anna this weekend because she's gone to a birth. She'll be coming back on Monday, methinks....
Sam and Reese were good.
They love paper airplanes.

I was going to share this song and a few words of what's turned out to be all romantic notions.
Around 1-2pm I issued orders to siblings. Ya know, get a couple things started ahead of time so it'll come together quicker in the end.
1. Take a chicken out of the freezer.
2. Put 10 cups of water and 5 cups of rice in a pot on the stove.
It's 6 now, I'm starting the rice myself because the bag was lost and a certain sister couldn't find it. (it was in the pantry)
At about 4 they finally got a chicken out.
I put it on the stove in a pot of water not 15 minutes ago.
Stuff is sauteing, and Dad is home.
The counter is a bit cluttered with some stuff we've yet to put away from the last big grocery trip.
"Well, we could always just eat tuna out of the can for dinner tonight," Dad says, thankfully humorous. If he was as ticked as I was about this delay in dinner, we'd all be going down.
I, unfortunately, did not think it was that funny. I kept mincing the garlic and huffed. "I'm not eating that."
He laughs.

1 1/2 chickens were taken out of the freezer, so Dad's frying the 1/2 portion, floured and everything.
This is what happens.
I can't even finish that sentence.
Pretty total failure, except I won't have to make dinner tomorrow night.... hopefully we'll have it then, if I barricade the pot with barbed wire for protection all of tomorrow while I'm gone from 7:45-4:20ish.
[And yeah. I did break down and let my eyes fill up, and tried to swat Ben when he laughed at me and my half-started dinner. I ended up hitting some stacked up who-knows-what-dishes and they fell against the mountain already in the sink. No harm done.]
Hopefully I'll get a nice good sleep tonight.
And then back to the 4 and 2 year old I'll go for 8 hours.
Oh, and the spartan, nearly-empty house and quiet of only 3's an interesting and totally different life over there. Heh.
Well, on a different note, one of Dad's Aerostar's got to go bye-bye the other day....
It was as old as me. :) Not many vehicles last that long. 20 years. Hah.
And he gave me the key. How awesome is that? hahahah
Now, I'm going to try to salvage my failure over there......the rice is done, the veggies are....sauteed within 2 centimeters of their life because I ignored them this past how long in a state of depression  anger sorrow ignorance distraction whatever you want to call it. Oh wait, I think the word may have been acquiescence to failure. Heh. 
I sincerely hope you're having a wonderful-lovely night.
Or at least a tolerable one. :]
this is an 11 o'clock p.m. P.S.
I ended up finishing prepping dinner...after all, we've eaten at near to 9pm before; what was 7:30? I don't know what got into me. Anyways, it was good. Didn't hardly notice the over-sauteed peppers...spiced it up with cayenne and chili pepper. Yummo. ;)


Christina said...

I am sorry dinner was a frustration! It really is annoying when dinner goes awry. There have been times I got things prepped and all put out and ready, to find out one crucial ingredient was missing and then I couldn't make what I planned. (usually something that can't be substituted with anything else)

Jen said...

Oh how I know. Anna and I chat so often of how things don't go as planned and it seems to dampen the whole day. :('s okay. Dinner will be done, the dishes will be cleaned. Just do your best with a smile, and all will be well. <3 By the way, dinner sounds AMAZING. ;)

{Amy} said...

this si dinner for me much too often , Beka : ( sorry about your day...i hate when things don't go as planned. ughhh.