Tuesday, December 14, 2010

wordless wednesday: lovely. house stuff. just lovely.

I really loved this book.
The little girls were watching BBC's Robin Hood....

Oh man.
That kitchen.
Ah, love.
Nice Viking range there......and all those pans hooked up there? Awesome.
My goodness.
*happy sigh*
There's always dreaming, right?? ;)
Speaking of dreaming, I better stop drinking this eggnog and coffee if I want to sleep and dream tonight...
Ever made these things?? They're lovely. Really. Lovely.

What did they make that eggnog with? Melatonin?! Hope y'all have a wonderful Wednesday. I'm heading to bed to read for a wee bit, then sleep. Oh man. Sleep. :)  
you do recall i finished reading a book [screen play] at 1am this morning, yes? well, i need to sleep like a normal/decent person tonight. hah.


Bethany said...

Is that mug orange by any chance? I have one just like it (from what I can tell) that I bought at Goodwill years and years ago. It's one of my favorites of our ragamuffin mug collection.

Oh Mandie said...

drooling over other peoples perfect kitchens is totally a favorite activity of mine :)

Christina said...

I love the pictures from the magazine. That kitchen with the blue fridge is awesome!! How did it get to be Wednesday already??? :P

Rach said...

Have a wonderful night's sleep, I agree on the kitchen-LOVE. No, I don't know what eggnog is made out of.. I'll look it up..

Marisa Hopkins said...

*droooooool* How beautiful are those kitchens!! My kitchen is sadly VERY dull.

And seriously, I didn't know I wasn't following your blog previously... FIXED THAT ERROR! :)