Saturday, December 4, 2010

artistic endeavors: coffee and a sunrise...take one.

Wow. We're catching up pretty good here. :)
This was October 4....
Always some shots from the surrounding hours in the day.... :) 
Ah, sunlight and shadows on the canvas.
Holy crap, look at all the green of the tomato plants right outside our back door. Gone!!! They're all....gone... boohoo.
Here we go. None of the process, but...
First of all, my apologies go to you all and myself, even...for making the coffee cup too big.
It's just to large for this scene I attempted on the canvas.
Oh well.
We learn from our mistakes.
We've got some nice contrast with the cement in the background. ;)
That perfect tranquility of life, which is nowhere to be found but in retreat, a faithful friend and a good library.
[Aphra Behn]

Am I the only one who likes the sides not-perfect, but rather _______ [fill in the blank]??

Gosh. It's snowing quite a bit more today. Haven't had any since the 1st...

It's pretty right now, at least. is a consolation.
It nearly always is.

I'm off to watch the movie Babies...since nearly everyone has seen it except for me.
I love babies. It looks darling.
Oh wait!!
So last night, as I was doing dishes, I got stabbed by a fork.
It's the same kind of fork I've gotten pricked with 2 or 3 times in the past.
It's like an assassin, failing and trying again. :P
It's in that pack of silverware......
Nevermind about the's an awesome caramel from Trader Joe's. 
You can kinda see the wound on the left side, between my thumb and forefinger...a bit of red. Bleeding. I just love that frickin' fork.
Those things --the caramels-- are so good. *happy sigh* 
They make you forget about everything else in the world........... :)
I bid you adieu for now:) [webcam last night; set on the highest about some photobooth silliness....and yes. that tall roll of something to the right behind me is my fabric!!]

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