Thursday, April 28, 2011

artistic endeavors: e.e. cummings and a flower.

this is the one i listed last night on my newly-opened etsy.
and am i the only one thinking, what a freakin' simple title? boring? yeah. oh well.
oh boy. i went to bed at midnight. woke at 8. made lunch before 11am. (broccoli; homemade vegan cream of mushroom soup; quick brown rice.) brewed half a pot of coffee for me and dad. had lunch with the fam. finished the current chapter in the liz curtis higgs study. read a chapter or two of green. took a nap from 1:30-4.
you read that right.
the first nap in weeks.

i slept so good that when i woke, i couldn't remember if it was night, afternoon, or morning. and i had dreamed a strange dream of hanna and i taking a trip over the small reach of ocean to japan on floaties. these kinds. all the while, i remember thinking ohmygosh; what about the radiation; oh well, we must be in a safe place if hanna's coming here...
we then were held hostage, basically, once we went into a certain building. nasty man watching the security camera beneath a stairwell wouldn't let us go out the door. not the best dream ever. mom, anna, and lyd came to rescue us, and finally we were out of there...and there was where my dream stopped.
i'm so thankful that weird freaky dreams don't follow you to real life.
this was april 18. that was a day we woke up to an inch or so of snow.
but at least it happened to be a day that turned out well for painting. :)

this is one lady i just found a few weeks ago....i love her style. earthy. bohemian. etcetera. my little loves.
with the weather we've all had lately [though ours is just normal-soggy-cloudy type, not the super swirly dangerous kind], i feel that we should make a print of this above picture or something. hang it as huge as we can on our living room wall. or bedroom wall, so we can wake up to such pretty flowers.
i need to plant a garden full of daisies someday at my house.
whew. the night took a turn for the worse with sibling drama.
almost all fixed now. 10 minutes can do a lot.
i loved keeping that last line blank for the longest time.
how many family members came up, tried to guess what the word was?
i'm so excited for sarah and kyle with their new baby charlotte. not to mention i love the name they chose:)
by the way, i have no idea what that splotch is right there to the bottom of the top leaf. maybe a drop of coffee? no idea! all i know is, i wiped it away with a damp cloth and it was gone.

just found this dwell in the season blog. looks inspiring.
aaaaaaand.....i'm out of words.
must be that nap and freaky dream that scared all the word count out of me. :P

For I, the LORD your God,
   hold your right hand;
it is I who say to you, "Fear not,
   I am the one who helps you."
[Isaiah 41:13]


Hanna said...

OMGSH what a crazy dream!!!!
I hope it is not a sign that I will be held hostage during one of my upcoming trips. Oh my!
So crazy.
I like the painting, I was sooooo confused by it while the last word was blank.

Natalie said...

Love the painting! =D

Oh Mandie said...

LOVE that quote and that painting!! I can't even paint a solid color with a roller properly. I'm totally jealous of your skills :)

chambanachik said...

That's the second best e. e. cummings painting I've ever seen. ;)

Anonymous said...

Those apple wedges look divine.