Friday, April 8, 2011

definitely life, if nothing else.

so, as some of you knew, i had mentioned a week or so ago that mrs. s asked me to guest post for her while she and her man, mr. superman, relaxed and did house stuff and all that jazz, him being newly home from a deployment. yes!! so click here for the guest post. :)
today's been simple.
just one of those days.
second cloudy day in a row.
[march 30^^]
i miss the sun. i miss the inspiration that comes from the sun and all that beauty.
though...i know there are so many metaphors you can draw to overcast days and their benefit.
i want to paint.
thing is, no canvases.....ben's been busy boiling sap for maple syrup. but. today they were cleaning all the buckets out; jose, caleb, ben, and rach and lyd. that means........he just might be freed up to do a few for me, and then i get to prime them!
that kind of makes me excited.

so...back to today.
slept in. had coffee brewing as anna came in the back door with sam and reese to hang out for a bit.
....cue old picture from a few weeks ago when i nannied them:

[march 10; ^^ i can't believe i never posted any more pics from those two days! oh my!]

then, taking a box downstairs today, my foot slipped on a coat i couldn't see and fell down a few... got a nice rug-burn. of which, since i'm weird, i took a picture...but of course i'm not going to post it. heh. it hurt. mom put lavender essential oil on it, and in a bit it didn't feel too bad.
after that, it was cleaning time...
and then i brewed coffee, and heather, steph, and michaela came over.
pretty darn wonderful.
[heather; anna and steph with steph's camera looking at pics from camera wars; and me]
lots of laughing.
lots of talking.
discussing that study we're doing...
coffee, and home to make dinner.
i'm happy for the higher-than-10-below-zero temps. ;)
it's dang near spring, that's for sure.

in Me (God), blessings never end because My love
for you never ends. if My goodnesses toward you end,
I will cease to exist, child.

as long as there is a God in heaven,
there is grace on earth and I am the spilling God of the uncontainable,

[ann voskamp; one thousand gifts]

let's not talk about the fact that how many bloggers have mentioned this book and how wonderful it is.....i need to read it. that quote, the things it did to my heart.
such rest.
such motivation from and for such love.


chambanachik said...

"blessings never end because My love
for you never ends." Mmm. I like this.

I love the picture of those kids in their jammies! :)

Great guest post, btw.

charla beth said...

what a lovely day.

that picture of you is pretty :)

and those kids in their pajamas are soo darling!

Natalie said...

You really need to get your hands on Ann Voskamp's book! And soon. It's that one book you recommend to everyone ya know for the year. Or Crazy Love. I'm still giving that one to lots of people. :D

Christina said...

I actually haven't heard of that book before!

Nice pictures. I love how you captured the two little ones playing!!

tia said...

Some days get ahead of me and I forget that I wanted to post something and I forgot to snap pictures but I feel tired and well it slips by. It happens to us all, but you did a good catch up with this post, the little lady and little man in the first picture are absolutely adorable!


I grabbed a button, you're blog is pretty awesome :)