Monday, April 25, 2011

link love, shauna niequist, and cuddly boys:)

i love how brant wrote this: what if we all disagree on stuff?
and when disagreement leads to disunity.
i'm kind of reallyreally liking shauna niequist's writing. i found this video yesterday on the yt and loved what i've seen so far (made it halfway through before pausing it and finishing something habit.)
a paraphrase/memory quote of something she said:
{younger} people tend to think pain is bad, success is good.'s one of those places where God does the most in us.
since i get to go watch those twins and the rest of the kids again tonight while anna's in birth class for doulahood, i'm going to try to post this before 3 or 4pm....

i have more link love.
can you believe it?
i struck it rich last night, saved my tabs in firefox, and went to bed around 12.

first of all, i was browsing around a deeper story.
that is a beautiful place. i tell you.
and from there i scrolled down and clicked on the story tellers....
they've added more since i first discovered them.

imperfect prose. i am in love with that lady's header.

the life artist.
i love her post on watching the passion: wherein a blog sometimes looks like a journal of ramblings...

haleykc. out of the overflow of her heart, her mouth speaks.
No. 17 cherry tree lane.

sarah markley: the best days of my life.
i love her header, too. :) i can't wait to check her blog out. on a day when have an empty afternoon. heh heh.

tamara out loud. her blog looks quite promising. very honest.....very i'm-searching-for-a-word-for-it. i'm going to read her post: random crap i learned while trying unsuccessfully to be good.

a song to listen to: shadowfeet: brooke fraser. yt won't let me embed it, so you get the name only today.

good news: i was painting today.

other good news: one of ben's c28 hoodies was lying about, and it is so darn comfy.

danny said he was cold, so we cuddled up in the hoodie while lyd tried her hand at kitchen photography. ;)
i love the above shot. she captured it so well, and the sunlight was beautiful.

i'm quite proud of her for the photos she got, what can i say? :)
seriously one of my favorites. it's just so quirky:)
lyddie and a bible study she wanted to start when us older ones were starting ours.
little sisters are copycats, it's true. it's a fact. but thankfully sometimes copycatting can be cute, and even beneficial. ;)

if you didn't push play on that shauna niequist video, or you pushed play and didn't make it past 2 minutes or something like that, read this quote and go listen to that video, all the way through.
it's worth the 25 minutes. wow, yes. believe me. it's making me tear up right now; 23 minutes.
it tugs at your heart with the truth.

sidenote: while googling shauna niequist quotes, i stumbled upon this post in a livejournal.
sidenote #2: i added a bit of explanation to the pictures on my tired, nearly wordless easter post.

so this is the work i'm doing now, and the work i invite you into: when life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate. and when life is bitter, say thank you and grow.
[Shauna Niequist: Bittersweet]


chambanachik said...

Can't wait to check out the links- and really wanting to read that book!

Christina said...

Very sweet pictures your little sister took! Lots of interesting looking links too. :) I will need to click some!

Christina said...

Oh, also! - To respond to a comment you left on my blog, I would like to publish the finished story somehow, online or self publishing. :) That is, if a big publisher doesn't say "hey this is fabulous, we want to publish it!" We can dream? :P

heart like mine said...

all those pictures are darling.

i'm excited to check out shauna's video, as well as pick up that book!

ohh and that quote at the end along with that picture? perfect. :) it just made my morning.

Anonymous said...

you found all my stomping grounds. :-) LOVE the photos, dear. those little seedlings in the windowlight...exquisite.

Alyssa Rae said...

I am a list maker....but then I lose them, always.
So i guess I'm not a list maker, huh? lol