Saturday, April 23, 2011

the post in which everyone is jealous of me.

er.....change that word jealous to pity. or are amused at.

long story short, church has a sunrise service tomorrow.
the service starts at 7:30.
normal sunday mornings, i wake up at 7. the service--normally--is at 10. comes the title....
i get to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow.
so psyched.
i've always loved getting up before the sun; though you wouldn't know it by the times i woke at this week --after 8am, 5 out of 7 days.
so, you're all jealous of 5:30am, yes?
or at least........hmmmmm.....there's nothing really to feel about waking at 5:30.
i only hope if i publish this post before 12ish that i can get in bed, read a bit until i'm miraculously super tired all of a sudden, and that i wake up and my eyes do not feel all dry and sandy.
i hope, i hope.
i can't believe it's april 22 already.
i only took . . . . 101 pictures today.
how is that possible?
oh yes!
i have forgotten about my day, since around 5-6pm-ish when justin, sarah and eliyah came over for hanging out and dinner and watching red the movie. meanwhile, sarah, anna, mom and i talked and eliyah slept after 8.
so. i'm quite enjoying the features music. especially the song lions.
it's just so jivey, that beginning.
tell me no one else thinks so.
am i weird?
psh, i don't even care. i'm liking it:)
whew. my day was long. it was beautiful. and here's the slideshow version of most of it.
i have a few single photos i want to share. hahahha.
the day. mom, anna, and i ran errands and shopped and had coffee. coffee first. yes. yes. yes.
i get tired when shopping; it's the weirdest thing.
i'm not too much fun unless you've pumped me with extra caffeine. ;)
feel free to click this and make it larger.

crazy people make me worry for the world and also make me try to be a better person....a bit less crazy.
Lord have mercy on those who lead so many astray with predictions as silly as this.

 besides; if it was a publicly-known date of Jesus coming back for His church, what the heck--if i were Jesus, i'd not come on that date just to prove that silly human wrong.
i'm that type of person. hahahha.
by the way, i'm so behind on reading blogs/commenting. i've got firefox, so i can close the window and it saves the tabs for the next day. it's horrible. keeps stacking up. so, if i normally come by your place, don't get too worried; i probably have your blog in my tabs and it's just waiting for me to steal an extra half an hour to catch up on you and the rest of 'em!
happy resurrection sunday.
remember His sacrifice.
His great love.
i hope you all have wonderful days with your families and friends:)
p.s. i'm definitely writing more and posting more pictures sometime tomorrow about today.
lots of funky shopping pictures to share! golly:)


Hanna said...

you were in Delevan!!!! I would love to visit there again, and eat some Alfredo at Elizabeth's Cafe. I miss sure do miss that town.

Alyssa Rae said...

Happy Resurrection Sunday to you!
This, my dear, is only the second year EVER I have not had to get up 5 hours before the sun on Easter and head to the sunrise service to set up.
I am not jealous:P

Ray said...

Oh lucky! Our sunrise service was at 6:25 :)

angie on maui said...

Hi there,
I would not be able to retrace the links that led me to your blog if I tried, but I'll have you know that I'm happy to have found it! You have such a beautiful little space here on the web; not only is the photography fantastic, but your posts are beautifully written. The tone of your blog is both calming and relaxing...and me like. Very much. :)

I'm looking forward to reading along and learning more about you; I hope you are having a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

May 21st? That's the day after I graduate college. Not cool. Jesus would do good to stay away, at least for a few more years.