Saturday, April 30, 2011

this is the stuff of life.

no, this is not exactly a food journal blog, but i'm eating this wonderful red leaf lettuce with raspberry vinaigrette (not homemade, no;) and walnuts.
and blogging for the first time in two days. last night i didn't because i needed to shut this thing down and get some sleep. only get to close to the concept when you're reading a book like green. ;)
yay! you get webcam pictures today! hah. just showing off my bandaids for you all.
since my sd card filled up the rest of the way the other day, and i haven't gotten to wallyworld to get a nice 4gb for $13 yet..... i'm not taking pictures lately.
boohoo, right?
well, leaves more time for reading. or something.

on another note, raise your hand, whoever likes getting cut by plates breaking while you're washing dishes.
the middle finger of my left hand, and the pinky finger also, got sliced today.
i was innocently washing dishes, stacking plates strategically on top of cups and bowls, nearing the end of cleaning the kitchen this morning. then, one slipped. didn't like the place where i put it. all the other 4 followed it, and next thing i know after the loud noise, i feel the sting of pain and see blood making its way out of the better/deeper angle slice in my middle finger.
oh joy.
so after a while, rinsing it in cold, purified drinking water, i got some bandaids out.
ya for bandaids.
i'm not a fan of wounds, though.
and re-typing a word 3 times to get it right with a big bandaid inhibiting the proper spelling in a blog post.

i also woke up with a frog's voice instead of my own.
when we walked to the coffee shop in town with john and karen (great book-etc friends who used to go to our church:) later this morning, i had the pleasure of talking books with everyone...and listening half the time because i sounded horrible.

books? mainly ted dekker and the thoene writers. :)

last night, heather came for the afternoon/dinner with ry and kay--a couple of her younger siblings...steph was home, sick:( we missed her a lot. nothing's ever the same without one person. sheesh. :\
anna, heath, and i took a walk. yesterday was beautiful, today was, also, until about an hour ago. wind tends to help clouds move.....and they've moved over the sun for us. oh well. 1 1/2 days was splendid, i tell you. splendid!!
we discussed the latest chapter in the liz study. it was lot's wife, turned into a pillar of salt. how much of a hold do your material possessions have on your life? in the end it's all going to be basically worthless.
inbetween discussing that, we laughed and probably even set a record for laughing in one night of them being here. almost set a record.
so....monday, we're going to meet halfway at a destination point and bring jen and pj home with us!
then, thursday, we're doing the same thing to take them home. fun stuff, i tell ya.
i can't wait.
last time we saw them, jen was getting married. this time she's pregnant. ahhh! exciting.

well, it looks like rain.
i always say, after a beautiful day or two, there's nothing more romantic than an afternoon rainfall.
[definitely just made that up. but with the civil wars playing in the background? come on. what isn't good about that?]
maybe i'll paint today.


Alyssa Rae said...

I, too, am not a fan of wounds.
I;ll have you kow I broke yet another glass today and did almost the same thing to myself. dishes are evil!

Cristina said...

uh, your post makes me want to snuggle under a blanket with a hot cup of tea and a book, or a movie, an old movie... lol
sorry about your fingers :)