Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i prime.

and i've nearly finished a not-planned e.e. cummings quote.
the canvas is . . . quite different.
that's what i mean by un-planned.
on that sort of subject (or not) here's an excellent link every blogger, every writer, every artist needs to visit:
click the picture to go to the link.
it's awesome.
and how is it already 11:21pm?
i should have a post written by now.
i hate crunching for 12am. i did that twice in a row, i believe, last week.
a few things i have to say about today are:
i woke up to snow.
and i'm not going to rant about it like so many statuses were and have been in the past from people.
weather is interesting, but not that interesting to need to always comment on it.
i actually painted today. the other day i only talked about it. but i usually do follower through with things after i get over the expectations subconsciously placed after i make my intentions publicly known. i wonder if it's some sort of a need to be unexpected? literally, i have posted fb statuses about going to paint, or going to practice music, and then i suddenly lose motivation. and i end up doing something less worthy or ridiculous for the rest of the day.
strange, yes?
charla beth's comment on the post yesterday has spurred me to listen to it.
i'm trying to get some defragmenting done on my laptop right now; it says it could take minutes or hours. i'm nervous. it's been forever since i've defrag'd. oh boy.

here's a painting i found on a blog...it really inspires me. and darn it all if i didn't forget the blog/link. shoot. :(
anyhow, i don't take any credit for that gorgeous painting or any of it for that matter. but i'm still posting it here.
i just have to let everyone know: caramel apple soy candles are the bomb. they're just one of my favorite things.
too bad the lady who sold them in a shop in a nearby town stopped.... boohoo. it was nice supporting her, buying a different yummy scent once in a while...
how lucky was i to get to paint with fresh flowers in my area?
we went to a cousin's baby shower the other day at a quiet, small, fancy restaurant on a rainy day that turned into windy snow. the favor for each lady was a small vase with daisies and baby's breath in it, with a bit of fern. beautiful. and even more so to take home. awesome little favors.
last night i read 21 pages of quaker summer. i first read that when it came out; i was around 17. i got it for my birthday a few months later. hooray for really good books to put on your personal bookshelf, ya know?
i can't tell you how much i've missed lisa's writing. i haven't read any of her books since resurrection in may came out, and that....well, that book took a lot out of her and i loved it. i savored it. the different issues. the writing splayed out. the story. the ending. oh, wow, the ending. i love books that make me cry.
just a little bit.
this made me.....if i can remember well...it made me bawl.
i came into the bedroom, and lyddie looked at me: "beka, are you crying?!"
"why? what's wrong?" cue the lil sis freaking out.
"oh, just a book. it's just....so good."
cue her quizzical stare.
i was also reading bits of mere christianity by c.s. lewis.
gosh, he's good. wonderful points to see. paragraphs to think about.

personally, i love photos (of anyone) that show vibrant eye color.

and i love it when siblings are right as rain the next day. the strange little cutie was having a heck of a time with an earache yesterday. :(
thank God she's better:)
random photoshoot of textures.
i did something very strange today.
i only drank two cups of coffee. that was in the a.m. but in the p.m., in the drawling part of the day? when you start to crave a cup mostly for the taste but mostly for the slow sweep of caffeine? to brighten the afternoon like so many other times?
i finished up the 2lb bag of dark roast beans today. and there's another box with a 2lb bag in it, somewhere in this house. but i didn't find it today, and so i made this stuff. three times. this afternoon. add water. add milk. add a teaspoon or two of ovaltine.
i survived on two cups of coffee.
that's news, people.
just now...looking through the pictures from today.....i seriously cannot wait to post this last un-planned canvas.


Ray said...

I have tried to read C.S. Lewis.. but he is out there!

Christina said...

Some books make me cry too. :)

The candle sounds yummy. I love food/sweets smelling candles! I have a cupcake one that's so good.

heart like mine said...

everything about this post was so bright and cheery. that picture of your painting area and the window and those flowers? i just wanted to be right there.

and those paint colors in that picture on the very bottom of your post are so springy. can't wait to see what you do with them!

Marisa Hopkins said...

That tree painting is GORGEOUS! I'd love to drink up a coffee and paint with you, m'dear.

heart like mine said...

wow and i just read that, how to steal like an artist post? fantastic. LOVE IT. thanks for sharing :)