Sunday, April 3, 2011

broccoli quiche. oh, and life.

today is another recipe. because there are some to post. it's just how it's been lately.
it's easiest to center a post on a recipe when life gets busy. upload pictures, post recipe, babble about life a bit. the end. not to sound so . . . flippant. but sometimes it kind of is.
our family loves mushrooms; except for lyddie. she says that cooked mushrooms, in delicious butter!!, look like slugs.
funny little girl.
that's butta. freshly made from the cream dad brought home the other day.
and when you crowd the mushrooms...with butter and onions....
the eggs we get from our friends who raise their own chickens and/or ducks... the yolks, as you can see, are so orange. pretty amazing.
looks like orange juice.

so, sliced mushrooms, diced onions, minced garlic, steamed broccoli...
eggs, milk, mayo, salt, a dash of cayenne pepper.
simple crust...flour, cool diced butter, dash of salt, a few drops of water maybe.
i suggest pre-baking that crust. i made these, and halfway pre-baked them. the neighbor boy jose didn't like the crust. the rest of us? ahh we just bear with some things...or don't tell the maker of it and just don't eat that part. ;)
no shots of the baked outcome. me and some people ate it, and life was busy, and sooner or later i lost the charger and my battery's been dead since...well, you know when.
bad news, that.
it's been a day that look like this.
less rain, more looks.
and now it's some lightning and thunder...yay.
i washed dishes to safetysuit, flyleaf, and the civil wars today. the circle by flyleaf is one of my favorites by them.
still have a stuffy nose...hate the tingles you get and then the one eye that tears up....and maybe a few minutes later, a sneeze.
oh boy.
let's hope i get to sleep in a bit tomorrow...the past how many days of before-7am and in bed around 12 should take a break. ;)
brendan hollis: a friend told me about him, and .....he sounds like a relative of jimmy needham.

take this heart oh God; make it more like You.
[brendan hollis: belief without knowing]

i hope you all have a good night and a really lovely monday!


charla beth said...

wowwww, that rain picture is wonderful. i couldn't stop looking at it. so refreshing.

i hope that you're feeling better today, dearie, and that you can find some time for some good solid rest.

MJ {The Honeypie Archives} said...

oh yum. I totally want to try this :)