Monday, April 4, 2011

rambles: life, deep, flowers, prayer.

this morning, in the shower (best place to pray, evah), i was thinking on some stuff cheryl (at the women's conference this weekend past) spoke on, of the Church, the story of Esther, worship -in spirit and in truth, His presence, and praying . . . oh, and marriage, too. last night my thoughts were slowly spinning about writing a post of what i feel are important things, to write and document, what i know is needed . . .
all of which i'm learning, learning, learning about . . .
her and francis chan have got to be the tip-top of my list of people who speak on christian stuff.
they tell the truth and dive into the living Word of God and how He's changing them, their hearts, how He's brought/bringing them along the journey of this life, not just formulas and rules and religion like some christian leaders tend to do.
it's amazing.
i just feel this deep place inside of me, simmering with a desire that the hearts of the people would be purified.
and that He would raise up in people the desire to act as the church, as His body, and to pray also.

the parallels she showed in the story of Esther opened my eyes to a need that reached deep and around me. to focus on Him with devotion. just as with marriage, a relationship with Jesus isn't just a part of your life; it revolutionizes, it changes it completely. your way of life is different than before you said those vows and moved in to make a life together.
so here's a song that i'm addicted to as of today, as it's been a while since i've been on a tenth avenue north kick. also, they're awesome live in concert. that concert i've yet to write about, even though it was march 3...and that was a while ago... so sorry.
. . .
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so, now for a bit of life stuff.
like this beautiful cherry pie that anna made after we had vegetarian tacos for lunch:)

like the 6# of dark roast coffee that we got today. the quota had to be made, and not many people put in a good $$$ order... and it went down from the no-sale $25 per 2lb of last month's pricelist. yay!

like flowers.

rach and lyd have been busy-busy fascinated by making these clips/barrettes. the snapping kind. whatever that means.

but i may or may not be a model for them; they keep coming over and changing the flower in my hair as they make them. then i snap a picture with my webcam --crappy, i know;)-- and they grin. :)
so there we go. i love all the ones they've had me try, but have a thing for the yellow one with the turquoise button... hmmm. :)

kind of like this one, but different button:)
this is the one. yet to be glue-gunned to a barrett.
the stuff i wrote this morning after getting gram ready for the day and having a chat with her--rarity!--i'll post tomorrow. or something. it's life, real and raw, and it's been seemingly forever since i've posted about gram. it's just, who posts about the stuff so integrated in their day? so normal, such a part, just . . . .something you're used to? also, something that breaks some people's hearts. or could. if they knew all some people live through.
i think it's going to rain again.
this is the beginning of spring, isn't it? through the gloominess, the rain, the green coming from the ground will break through.
it's the valleys that change us. not the mountain tops.

create in me 
a clean heart, oh God . . .
[psalm 51:10]


Natalie said...

Lovely flowers, Francis Chan is the Bomb, and that's a ton of coffee! =D

Oh Mandie said...

love love love Francis Chan! Crazy Love seriously changed my life :)

Christina said...

Beautiful post!

charla beth said...

this is an absolutely beautiful post. the last paragraph just made my heart swell.

love your new layout, by the way!

Brooke T. said...

Hey my dear!
Thanks for sharing, I love this revelation stuff from your heart. I love it! I love the part where you said that deep within you there was this desire for the Church to rise up and be...this desire wells up in me as well! This is where God speaks to us DEEEEEEP are right, keep going DEEPER in His love :)
I am excited to listen to the recording of Saturday. :)

Anonymous said...

Mmm. Pie.