Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ode to tonight.

before 9pm-9:40pm
just got home from church.
[had about 4 lindt chocolate truffles. there's. nothing. like. lindt. nothing.nothing.nothing! the end:]
cool water infused with a decaf peach-ginger tea bag.
family watching star wars for the first time in years (first time for us kids though)
to be honest, anna, ben and i are not getting into it. it's...just...weird!
and.......people are just finding out they're related. ew.
this is why.
it's just a wee bit too weird for me.
but i still like people who like sw. don't worry. :)
i love this post by danielle. ahhh. i can't wait to see the ocean for the first time someday.
this proposal and story totally had me tearing up. it's beautiful. and by kristen. she's pricey and gorgeous; there's only a 2% chance i'll have her someday, but gosh do i love strolling through her photoshoots!

the study that we've started --heather, steph, anna and i-- lately is by liz curtis higgs. she's quite different from beth moore, let me tell you that. though both writers are very good, i have to say there's something about liz... :) could be that i've read some of her fiction/historical-fiction works. i would definitely recommend her lowlands of scotland books.

so, the current study, by this lovely lady? the bad girls of the bible.
observing, studying, and learning lessons through the stories.
pretty interesting stuff.
[lots of green in these pictures..wasn't planned. hehe.]
the chapters of this study are --well, the story part is about 10-15 pages long. then the study part, with questions, scriptures to read, and blanks to write in? that is another 20-30 pages.
a full hour's work, if you're going at it with focus.

but it's good.
my, my, is it good!
so today i sat down in comfortable pajama bottoms and crazy pink socks... [think: dreary day]

and i took on the chapter. with coffee by my side.
did you think i'd go without mentioning it? ;)
my significant other...
do you know what these are?
these are safe in an envelope until i can find an extra roll of double-stick tape somewhere around here.
these are memories.
the only kind i scrapbook in any way on paper.
bookmarks, with starting and finishing dates.
tickets to concerts and movies.
and, once in a blue moon, a random quote written down.
this, i found here, at jessica shae's quote blog: words spoken.

the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.
[bertrand russell]

well, i guess it's all perspective up to a... a very far point, yes?


Chana@ Mamma Town said...

Oh goodness how I've missed this blog. I'm all filled up on pretty inspiration now, thank you:)

Rambling Heather said...

oooooh I am looking for a new study, this one looks great!

Becky said...

You know, I really just feel that it needs to be said : YAY NIKON. I feel like everyone is a Canon junkie these days.