Friday, April 8, 2011

friday list? suuuure.

1. i've been playing this music by brendan hollis on repeat whenever my laptop's on...i guess it's better than being obsessed with and wearing out the song dream a little dream of me. gosh, remember that funny rantish valentine's post? hahah.

2. some blogs i'm loving:
boho baby bump
scribbles n' things
robert ingraham photo

3. clean kitchens really are the best. and when the dishes aren't old and crusty [i avoid that stage like the plague], it goes even faster.

4. another lovely lady [erika] asked me to guest post i'll be looking to breathe in some inspiration or writing something off the fly. who knows right now. :)

5. it's so nice to have coffee in the house again, and...yeah, in abundance this time. that quota for ordering co-op had to be reached, ya know? what better to order? ;)

6. it's one of those days. third day of clouds. but.....

7. i've been wearing dad's snazzy, hardly-ever-worn c28 hoodie. and i ♥ it.
i need a man sweatshirt. the zip-up kind. also, really cozy. --i need this one. on sale;)

8. i saw two or three robins being twitterpated --[think bambi!]-- earlier in our backyard. a few times. needless to say, i don't normally birdwatch; i got my camera and the siblings rolled their eyes.

9. i'm not sure if i've mentioned: i love crazy socks. as in, not plain.
10. i am loving this post by emerging mummy: grace-love in the waiting. hmmm. yes indeed.

11. and visiting anna next door while reese was sleeping on that couch in the background....
ah!! they're growing!! ^^

12. sometime soon, i'm going to type up that journal post of the morning with gram. not that i don't have mornings with her, but this one --a few days ago-- was really good. and quirky. that's her.
just to mention it, for historicy's sake, this post by natalie--scribbles n' things-- totally had me tearing up just now. unsuspected. this may sound weird, but i want to be that sort of grandma. God help me, i want to have my brains and able body until the day i die. plus, that grandma's house in the post sounds like my house someday. ;) in my dreams of course. built in bookcases, pancakes in the morning, hallmark movies late into the night with dear grand-daughters? heck. yes. ♥

i'm going to get on ben's case to make me some canvases. now that i've blogged for the day, it's 4:30pm and i really want to spend this cloudy day making something inbetween keeping the kitchen clean. heh.

p.s. hello to all the new followers! love you guys! thanks for reading...i love hearing from you, too. ;)


Alyssa Rae said...

love the pic for #1!
*sigh* so true.

thanks for the comments love, I can always count on you! you make my heart all warm and fuzzy:P

Natalie said...

*Sigh* There's something special about an oversized, comfy sweatshirt. Although with the weather we've got today, I'd be better suited wearing shorts and a t-shirt. It's like in the 80's! *Squeals* I've been waiting for this weather Forever. Thanks for linking to me BTW. Glad you liked today's post =D I've yet to go to The Hub, but next time I go through Booneville, I'll have to stop by.

chambanachik said...

#4- Yea!!

Jess Craig said...

i feel like i know what your entire day was like. awesome.

charla beth said...

this post is unbelievably sweet.

your pictures and musings always make me smile. :)