Monday, April 11, 2011

domesticness, creativity, and greek yogurt.

i've got a few ambitions.
like upcycling a few dresses.
they're the really long sort, and yesterday wearing that green {knee-length} one, i thought of how i like that better than a super long dress. heck, if i'm cold enough to need a long dress, might as well be wearing jeans.
i have 3 really snazzy dresses {can anyone say kohl's sale rack?} to play with.
i'm going to see about making them knee-length, and using the bottom cut-off to make a skirt that is topped by a wide type of elastic band. hmmm. it sounds okay in concept. can't wait to try it.
i'm going to go slow on this, since i'm not exactly a hot domestic goddess or anything.
far from it.
i'll write more later.
i just might go try those dresses on and start marking them for the scissors...
after i wrote the above, i closed my laptop, put it away, and went in search for something to eat.
apricot-mango greek yogurt from trader joe's. i could live off that stuff forever.
mom caught a stellar picture of me, lounging with my greek yogurt at the table, pondering the epicness of my second requested guest post and how i need to un-analyze it all and not write a manifesto and just be myself. oh boy:)
ah, life. everyone but gram, danny, mom and i are gone. makes for a quiet house.
.....photobucket's site isn't working worth crap for uploading pictures--of jpeg or gif type. grr.
so, here's the deal.
you can --if you want, that is-- save one of these two pictures... and copy my normal blog url up there, if you're not clicked on a certain post first of all. then, in your dashboard design tab, add a gadget: a picture. there'll be a little box asking for a url if you wanted to add it for something. paste the url there, and upload the picture you saved as shrink to fit. voila!
there ya go:) hope that all made sense; if not and you have a question, email me. it's in my blogger profile.
it's 5:23 and i've procrastinated the dresses-and-scissors activity for too long. toodles.
8:05 p.m.
well, i cracked up at reading the short caption for the yellow house lady's 365th photo.  
aaaand i finally got around to cutting up those dresses. two out of three.
i have a vision for the two bottom slices. yes to the wide type of elastic...and a trip to joann's for some wide satin ribbon sounds good too... ideas, ideas!

dad's almost finished with all the star wars. they worked their way back through the time of the story; oldest to newest in the movies. or at least that's the info i've heard.
my favorite part about them watching those weird movies (don't hate me for calling them weird; i wasn't raised on them like most people!:) is this guy: 
and mainly, his voice. wowza.

random: saturday night we did, indeed, get to see source code. you know, that one with jake gyllenhaal. it. was. good. trippy, weird, but very good. i'd see it again if i wasn't trying to save money....heh.
i thought i should share with y'all this: ^^ because it made me laugh. it's from leigh's sweet blog. 
meanwhile, i'm racking my brain in that before-the-writing-storm-of-creative-rain with no ideas of what to guest post. argh. i hate that stage. if you have an idea of what you want to read, what you would like to hear from me, comment it please. a question, a ....whatever. :) i love to take something and try to ramble on it; all depends on how much coffee's in my blood stream.
me, danny, and the bottom slices of the two dresses, folded, waiting for the opportune future. :)
the house is still quiet, but for the 1989 movie dad's got playing. why i'm not in the room. i don't feel like watching a movie.
i feel like writing....looking at pictures....and listening to kim walker-smith.
this song is amazing. spontaneous iv? yes.
i need her music on a cd in my hands. not just on myspace. i want that disc full of worship in the kitchen soon. so when everyone else is in bed already, and i'm up finishing cleaning the kitchen, i can breathe it in fully.


Consider The Lilies said...

i LOVE kim walker-smith. she is amazing :)

Alyssa Rae said...

greek yogurt is a daily happening around here.
or...sometimes...more than once.

charla beth said...

ahh, kim walker--she is fantastic.

i hope you post the final outcome of your dresses!

Natalie said...

Lookin' forward to seeing what you do to those dresses! Hope it goes well =D