Saturday, April 2, 2011

pancakes. er...waffles.

yes, this is a recipe.
for both. it's versatile. it's awesome. it's...
the best from-scratch pancake recipe we've ever had turn out in this house.
i prepped this post--uploaded the pictures-- a few days ago.
today, saturday, at 8:29pm, the fam is watching transformers, which is airing in tv. strange.
we've never seen any of them before. never really been into it.'s on. and...i don't know what i think. :) that's the end of that thought.
let's move on the recipe:
and for the record, that last ingredient with no name is salt. heh.

flour, salt, baking powder.
i love the different colored eggs we buy from friends. so pretty.
'tis good.
mix the dry into the wet.

we made waffles this time.
. . . i'm quite speechless tonight.
it's too bad, really.
i woke up at 6:40 today and subsided on coffee for breakfast, until around 1pm when we finally stopped in this adorable, bright restaurant that uses fresh, local, mostly seasonal ingredients. on the pricier side, but we shared a few sandwiches --fresh mozzarella with sun-dried tomato; portobello-- and this amazing brioche apple crumble french toast.
the bad thing? 
yesterday my camera's battery charger and cord disappeared from their designated camera bag pockets, and the battery's dead. i haven't taken pictures since yesterday afternoon.
random: the city has this new things garbage cans.
wednesday i dyed my hair. it's a softer, a bit lighter, color. golden-red. heh.
i had a really good iced americano with half-and-half just as i was turning into a zombie at 10 today.
i have an on-and-off stuffy/runny nose. not fun. but at least it's not a sore throat.
me: laptop, typist, lyrics on the wall, almost-murderer of 7 yr old frustrating said laptop. 
ben: sound, laptop, music all over the place, makes people sound good coming over the speakers.
jason : sound, music all over the place, putter upper with the well-meaning general public who 
thought they knew best. same as ben's description.
....and, for the pleasure of your viewing, a dorky picture of us techies in the back. ^^
i accessed the brilliant photoshopping part of my brain earlier, can you tell? ;) why? because the first one yielded two out of three good faces. the second one had one out of three good faces. heh. it's what you get, working with amusing people. :)
at the women's conference our church hosted this weekend. it was amazing. cheryl of the best speakers i've ever heard. very real. very relate-able. very sweet. and from mississippi, which means she had an accent. not too strong, but boy oh boy could you hear it the first night. :)
oh, and a shot of today--rach took it-- ♥
it was 50 today! yesssss! spring is starting to settle in. very soon.

the bluebird carries the sky on his back.
[henry david thoreau]


Anonymous said...

We watched Transformers last night too :-p I love those movies!
That recipe looks like it yields alot-o cakes! 3 cups flour?! haha I make pancakes from scratch too and only use 1 cup.. of course.. you have lots of mouths to feed.. Looks yum though!

chambanachik said...

Yum! I could eat pancakes and waffles just about every day. (And when I was pregnant, I did!)

Marisa Hopkins said...

Pretty pretty! Love your new hair color!

And I'm the worlds worst pancake maker... but I'd be happy to drink coffee and eat yours! :D

charla beth said...

i love all these pictures.

the one of you with the sound guys is really cute :)

& that sky picture is breath-taking! i hope spring comes your way soon :)