Sunday, April 17, 2011

stuffed shells? ♥

this is one thing i have yet to blog.

i was organizing my many picture folders, and here in march 18 i see yumminess i've yet to post.
my, my.
it was a lovely friday morning, from what i can see.

nothing better than starting a recipe with diced/minced onions.
and a little sister.
not that she's part of the recipe.....heh. heh.
she's part of the recipe of life. that's what.
stuffed shells are easy.
i love them.
the end.
no, not the end. type of stuffing i made was comprised of: onions, mushrooms, spinach sauteed. add cheese to that. cheese makes everything yummier.
apples. total yum.
brothers are a nice thing in the recipe of life, too. i mean, if you can get 'em.....
el oh el.
that's with parmesan cheese added.
and uncooked pasta shells.
awaiting the boiling water. ;)
this stuffing: ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese, salt.
so easy.
amazingly delicious.
try it.
the two different kinds, ready for pasta sauce to be poured over, cheese to be sprinkled once more, and the hot oven.
easy, see?
told ya.
i love how lyd's pencil drawing of a girl with pigtails is in the top of this photo. :)
coffee spilled, that day:)
this is for history.
there's nothing like sweet little sisters who grow up too fast....
i couldn't capture the super moon very well.
but i still love night skies.
too bad there's already a coffee shop named "night sky coffee shop" because if there wasn't i'd do it.


Consider The Lilies said...

that pasta stuff looks DELISH. and i'm thoroughly enjoying your playlist at the moment :D

Alyssa Rae said...

....I don't like mushrooms....but it still looks nummy to me.
oh...and your bro looks thrilled:P

Alyssa Rae said...

wow, how dull a comment was that....psh!

Christina said...

Mmmmm now I really want stuffed shells!!!!! :D

heart like mine said...

mmm, this made me hungry!

your siblings are darling :)