Friday, April 22, 2011

random finds.

it's been too long since i've done a link-love post.
i've got nearly no time, so it's good that i'i was compiling random cool stuff earlier, too.
i've also been reading a bit of that this little mommy stayed home book, which is a work of nonfiction that is well written and funny.....though 90% of it is kind of a manual for what not to do.
so let's move on to the festivities. 
for you lovely married people: date night.
it's a hunt life. she's 26 weeks along; another blogger lady who's pregnant:)

and this one, josiah's nest. i am in love with her header. just because of that header, i think i may stick around and read something there. golly. how adorable. and i want that couch. even in green. :) and this post, look at that little man's outfit. oh my.

and one of the cutest, unique, amusing engagement pictures ever? anna found this lady's blog: sweets; the baking adventures of eeb.
i hope you all had a good good friday. i'm debating on even leaving that sentence there............hmm.
you get it, though. don't you?
flowers from that baby shower last saturday are still alive.
they're pretty wonderful to have around. i've got guitar to practice for sunday, the song i will rise by chris tomlin, we're doing it with 'everything'-ben on drums, caleb on bass, mom on piano, me on guitar....everyone else who wants to, on voice. then sometime around practicing music, anna wants to watch the passion tonight. oh boy. it's been a few years since i've seen it. *sob*
and now, a song to end this post.


chambanachik said...

I love when you help me discover more blogs! :) You always find the coolest stuff.

Alyssa Rae said...

This has nothing to do with your post....but I would like you to know that the very moment I went to your page...i descided i needed some coffee...thanks for that:P

the girl said...

Oh those are some fun blogs! Thanks for sharing =) Happy Easter!