Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the. hike. the. end.

after hiking nearly 8 miles from 1pm-4:30...
[anna told me to stand on a tree stump. this is what you get.]
coming home, brewing a mug of dark roast...

helping anna make onion soup for the family...
[anna, taking a picture of me with casey's camera; explains this picture, yes?]

toasting a tortilla with cheese on it, black beans, seasoned rice, and salsa on it for myself...
[anna; casey the camera-and-weather friend, and ben:]
watching biggest loser and on commercials, merlin...
yes. this is my laptop's background right now. ♥ God is so amazing....

here i am.
i'm going to be feeling those miles tomorrow. we all are.

[when casey saw me going for this shot, he blinked at me and said "i never even thought of getting one like that." have a camera geek tell me that made me feel cocky. heh. so i shrugged and gave him an i'm brilliant, yeah? yeah. face. everyone laughed and he just shook his head:]

....the good thing? i had my camera batteries charged last night in prep for today. especially good.
....the bad thing, i'm loading pictures, almost done selecting the more high-pointed, unique ones for this post, and it's 11:37pm....but if feels like it's 1:30am. dang. it.
that's right. stand in wonder.
[we spotted snow at the edge of a pond thing. i randomly told casey to go take a close-up of it. he did. we laughed:]
i took 288 pictures today on that 4 hour hike.

crazy, yes?
breaking for a breather, clif bars, granola bars, and water....and almonds ben brought in a zippie. fun stuff!

that's me.
[i screamed the whole time ben had the audacity to walk over me. it was around 5-6 feet down...and i got scrapes everywhere when i went back to feet-connected-to-ground mode. heh. i love climbing trees, though.]
the bench we found at about the halfway point sat facing this sign.

we found some of the only snow left in the county. hehe. casey took a picture of anna, ben and i standing in it, doing faces. i'll have to save it when he posts it sometime...

i ♥ sisters.
needless to say, we'll be trying the easier ones someday. but i have to admit, going the nearly-8 miles and coming home to tell about it, makes you feel kinda like some sort of a beast. ;)
relatively.... :)
whoa. 12:36am. goodnight!

spring has returned. 
the earth is like a child that knows poems.
[rainer maria rilke]


Cristina said...

great, great photos... and what an awesome hike.. it's so pretty there. and yeah, you will be feeling those miles today, hehe!

Oh Mandie said...

wow, those are some beautiful shots!!! I love love love the ones shot up in the trees. God really is amazing :)

charla beth said...

amazing photos you took, dear.

looks like you had such a fun day<3

Alyssa Rae said...

You make me want some fresh air.
but alas, its raining for the kazillionth time, we are still sick and I have a rather small person who has very short legs.
(I'm not complaining about that last part though!)
looks like fun.

Rambling Heather said...

Gorgeous photo's. Makes me want to go take my own little hike through the woods.

MJ {The Honeypie Archives} said...

I love love love your header. It's lovely.

These pictures remind me of Where The Wild Things are (one of my most favorite movies) very cool ♥

Anonymous said...

Those trees look so cool the way you photographed them. Really tall.