Tuesday, April 26, 2011

lists. and the ramblings about them.

because my sd card is full [takes maybe 3 weeks-ish to fill up a 4gb for $12] i only have 3 pictures today so far.
it's 2pm.
gosh it's fun being productive.
even if it's not necessarily my personal stuff that needs the work, but rather house stuff that belongs to anyone in the fam.
that's what i did. in a few areas. nothing like a more organized space. it lets you breathe. lets you think.
just a little bit more.
before that, i even made a list.
i'm going to try to grow into a bit more of a list-maker-do-er person...since i wasn't born that way.
i see in other people's lives that it's quite beneficial.
what kind are you?
list-maker, or spontaneous?

i started reading this book by roger rosenblatt today while drinking my coffee.
it's called unless it moves the human heart; the craft and art of writing.
um, yes. you read that right.
i started another book. *rolls eyes* i really need to stop doing that. but thank goodness it's a smaller sort of book --the size of which i could imagine myself writing someday-- and i finished this little mommy stayed home last night. 
the ending was really good. i was just so thankful that everything that mattered got ironed out. people confessed; people made up; people realized where they screwed up and turned back from it. started over.
so.......at least i finished one book;)

this was from yesterday.
back to why i need to make lists and do them.
apparently, a lot more gets done if you do make lists, and you end up feeling like a better person --as long as you don't run other people over in your ambitions; remember the fruits of the spirit;) and the do unto others-- so.... remember that wingback chair, last september? well, i finally got some cording for the cording stuff. that was a circle of a sentence, on purpose.
redundant. i like doing it once in a while.

i got cording when i bought the elastic and ribbon for those skirts i'm making. hah.
so, this was my 'last-night' ^^ got spit up on three times by the cute girl twin. the little boy is such a ham. adorable, i say. :)

we went outside at first.korah wasn't home from dance class yet...
so, for an hour i played kickball outside with rach, lyd, and the two older boys in the family. [christopher and jonah.] my legs are feeling it today. running up and down stairs {i don't walk them} gets really fun. burn, baby, burn.

also, something really super random: last night when we went home, i saw that dad purchased a new bottle of raspberry vinaigrette. different brand. can't wait to try it out. obviously, the picture was taken because yesterday the fridge got cleaned. ;) my excitement over the clean fridge + vinaigrette was hardly containable. heh.
another random thing: lately i've been controlling myself on the coffee. since we're on our last 2lb bag of coffee to last another week (it's around halfway gone), i have probably 3 cups...and after that, i make this stuff called caffix. it's not even an instant coffee. it's barley stuff. i mix it with enough water that it's like a cup of black coffee, then a bit of milk....and a teaspoon or two worth of ovaltine to balance out the strange sort of coffee taste.
no side effects [like overdosing on caffeine]. but something yummy.
. . .it's one of those peaceful, cloudy, probably-will-rain days. tonight is the first official softball practice for our church league [small, made up of men at church plus friends we invite] if it doesn't start pouring before then.
and afterwards, probably panera bread for a super late celebration of anna's birthday. life was so darn busy at the end of march.
just a note: i can't wait to write about the thrift store mom, anna and i went into on saturday.


Anonymous said...

i am a listmaker. love to write things down and cross them off when i've accomplished them. it's how i measure progress.

i love all the paint splatters :-) ...you know you're a true artist when you have paint splatters on your coffee mug! hehe.

mmm....ted dekker. when i start reading fiction again he is on my list. lol...back to lists. :-)

have a lovely night, dear.

chambanachik said...

Very much a list person. But sometimes, I wish I wasn't. There's beauty in chaos, I think.

Natalie said...

mmm! raspberry vinaigrette! love it!

Anonymous said...

*gasp* that cup of coffee is WAY too close to the computer. WAY TOO CLOSE. It's scaring me. I'm having flashbacks of my ruined computer...