Tuesday, April 12, 2011

artistic endeavors: words and brew.

i painted today.
i can't tell you how [insert nice happy word] i am to say that.
it's been too long.
since sometime in march.

i'm still low on canvases, but the thought of painting with blue drove me to pick up the two backup canvases. archives, if you will. the last two primed canvases i have, unless i want to take one off the wall and paint over that. which would never happen.
the way this turned out in the end, i prettymuch liked it a lot. just wait. ;)
heck. yes.
i love book are.
i'm thinking of printing out a poem or something for that blank page. 
. . . acrylic paint. i watered down the brown for the side swirls; it took on a watercolory effect. love!
that's as far as i got.....going to have a dance with the printer and finish it up this lovely tuesday afternoon.

lovely, yes? there's blue up there! the sun is out for real! anna and i are planning on going for one of those after-dinner walks tonight. it's been way too long. :)
[evening walk: fail. why? because it's down to around 40. it was 60 today. and we decided to be wimps tonight; oh well.]
....and.....this is a mystery canvas for now. blue is used. and a certain requested quote is going to be painted on it very very soon here.
i'll be writing more later. :)
9:15 p.m.
dangit, anna now has infected me--i'm nearly obsessed.
aura joon. the most beautiful baby pictures ever. most beautiful mommy ever. (basically my opposite; do you see that gorgeous brown skin and dark hair? exotic.)
now to the rest of the small painting i did today:
around 5 this got brewed. it goes perfectly with paint. but beware of dipping paintbrushes into the coffee cup... ahem.... i did that very thing a several canvases ago--last year--and did it tonight with a bit of white acrylic gloss paint on my slender brush. writing words to an e.e. cummings quote. :) i looked everywhere on the bottle for the beautiful words non-toxic, but couldn't find them. oh well. i didn't exactly swirl the brush around. a simple dip in and out probably didn't give the glass much paint anyhow. hahahah.
*happy sigh*
a dress at kohls that might be within my possession sometime. after it's been on the sales rack and if there's one around my size left when that happens..... 
yes, yum. cranberries and almonds. sugar and protein. awesome.
see? i kinda kinda like it a lot a lot a lot.
:) though, second little thought, i might take a larger brush and do some smooth strokes again over the coffee in the cup.
there's something about this shot that is different. the truck adds a bit of an air i don't normally have in my photos. heh heh:)
i'm not going to talk about how much i like my painting.
i'll just stop:)
ben, being a funny daredevil and walking our ramp's hand rail.
shoot, he built it so well his 180ish lbs don't break it. hah.
what a sky.
the slices of the two dresses. tomorrow we might hit joann's fabric store--excited, yes i am! wide ribbon and elastic, here i come... i do have plans. and i hope it turns out good. don't worry; i shall post a whole tutorial when i'm finished. ;) complete with photos. haha. unpredictable, right?! i thought so.


rain said...

your painting is very lovely. :)

chambanachik said...

Can I just say... OHMYGOSH!!!! :)

chambanachik said...

And also, that book and mug piece is way too cool. Genius.

charla beth said...

your painting is awesome! soo beautiful and different. i always love seeing what you come up with.

i hope there are more beautiful blue skies in your future :)

Natalie said...

Love how you incorporated the Jane Austen chapter in to the painting! So cute!

AmyLee said...

wow, you are so creative! i love your painting too... that's awesome :)

Rambling Heather said...

OK I am completely in love with your painting too!! You are gifted!