Saturday, April 16, 2011

from this valley.... [and the civil wars concert.]

i have to share this again.

i listened to aaron gillespie's album "the anthem" on repeat while cleaning the kitchen today.
even printed out the chords for washed away, earnestly i seek thee, and i will worship you. i'm thinking of doing one as a solo with my guitar.
i highly recommend buying the album. it's all just so. good.
completely and totally worth the 7.99 it's going for, at the time of the link i posted above.

about the civil wars concert last night:
man, oh man was it good.
amazing, in fact.
with a capital a.
definitely taking any chance to see them again.
this ^^ was after it was over; from left to right: michaela, anna, rachel, ashley, heather, me, mrs. e., and steph:)
. . . the venue/hall was beautiful. like an old time theater, with a boxed-in balcony on the left upper side.
plaster ceiling looking all awesome and dilapidated...
great architecture.
after they sang barton hollow, their title song which has a distinct beat that people stomped to, joy williams (yetton) and john paul white smiled and commented on how sweet the sound was; feet stomping on the 1800's wood plank floors....resonating around and up to the stage.
there was a lady who sand probably 5 songs before they came up; she wasn't much to talk about. besides the fact that her voice had great potential. and she sang a type of blues. and our younger sisters that came with us were in the huge fancy bathrooms taking pictures in the huge mirrors while the lady sang an inappropriate song. heh. opportune.
you don't want to know how many pictures i took.
when joy and john came up to the stage, people started walking up to the front of the huge room.
i walked up there with ashley (a girl from church whom i spread the love of their music to:), rach, and michaela (heath and steph's sister)... we managed to snug our way through a few people and were soon about 2 people away from the stage. there was comfortable room between people; not like some "mosh pits" where you're like sardines in a can. heh heh. :)

so....i'll quick put together a few collages and post them. it's 11:04....hoping to get in bed at a decent time.
yeah, let's all el oh el along with the reality of what will happen.

first of all, i need to mention the beautiful yet rundown yet busy yet huge yet.....old part of the city that this hall was in. i just stared at all the brick and architecture buildings, yeah, they were there too.
behind me as i shot this, was the entrance to the hall.

the inside before the concert: ^^

a vertical shot. and a pretty darn beautiful pillar. falling apart.
ashley and me in the bathrooms. yes. just too good to pass up, that grand place.
john, tuning up. :)
yes. i ♥ them!
click to see it better:)
it was beyond beautiful, getting to experience them live. they're not like some people who sound perfectly wonderful on the album and suddenly live you know that they got their voices messed with on the recording....they're exactly the same on the album as in real life. i love that. :)
. . . to finish off this night, er, it's already 12:04, i'm going to share a few random pictures i've ran across anywhere/everywhere. i can't remember the source, pardon the lack of credit links.

i laughed at this. :) but hey! it's pretty darn true.

and this, i loved. from the lovely alyssa rae's blog.

i love the words, the cadence, the heart of this song.
it's my heart.
go buy the album! end of shameless plug from a regretless, totally satisfied buyer. :)

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Natalie said...

I think I already told ya, but I'm still envious of you! Looks like you had a lot of fun :D It's kinda your fault I started listening to them. Love the location the show was as BTW.