Monday, April 4, 2011

i had a feeling it would come to this.

if you ever want to run out of camera battery and need to charge it and end up charging it while watching 6-7 kids but want to forget to put the charger back in the camera bag, just get distracted by yummy children.
sorry for the run-on sentence. read it again. ;)
i did that [the above] last week. and holy cow, it's been so long since i've done more than one post in a day. but i just did, didn't i? :]

by april 1, my nikon camera's battery was dead.

and my charger was at their house, half an hour away until tonight, when anna went there again for # who-knows-what in 8 sessions for this birth class for doula stuff.
sweet little keanu. the boy of the identical twins. :)
i seriously love those kids.
see why i forgot to unplug and pocket that charger on the kitchen counter?
that's anikin.
cute, yes?
me and jilian, the girl of the identical twins. :)
♥ her cheeks. oh my.
tonight. it was hailing tiny bits. too fast and icy to be snow.
and you all should really check out or think of buying these things i modeled:
the white one

the pink one
personally, i love them. i think they're awesome, and it's not just because my little sisters make them. really. 

they're pretty darn lovely, and i'm wearing this one in my hair right now. shameless plug ended. :)
i've been really really loving brendan hollis' music. a lotsa lot. try a listen.
i cannot wait to charge my camera's batteries...and give back the lens i have been borrowing...the lens mount part i ordered last monday should be here any day now...
goodnight now:) green, the trippy book by ted dekker, is calling me.....
......yeah, i finished my piece of homemade cherry pie with a mug of eye-opener blend by new england coffee just a while ago. thought i'd share the photo love of it, at least. wish i could've shared!

beauty is not caused. it is.
[emily dickinson]


chambanachik said...

I want to smooch those babies' cheeks!!

Glad your charger is home.

Lovely flower! And homemade cherry pie is one of my top ten favorite things on this earth.

Mrs. Miscellanea said...

Beka your posts always make me smile =)

Abbie said...

Um, so I can't stop looking at your header. It's perfect, in every way. :)

Also, I'm dying from the cuteness of that baby. ACK!

Cassandra said...

The baby looks so contemplative in the first pic. Cute!