Wednesday, April 20, 2011

artistic endeavors: for erika. :)

something i learned today: when there is an impromptu funeral organized, we all grab the nearest shoes and sweaters.

we don't care to run and find our own. in a large family, psh, anybody's shoes will do.
so we flocked outside, 6 of us, to the funeral lyd organized for the baby chick that died today. {and they just got her, along with 9 others, today.} i'm not an animal person, but this got me emotional --not to tears, but still-- something about a baby chick dying before it even got to live and be cute and eat grains and . . . roam free.

it's sad. you have to admit it.

and i love her little invitation. so poetic. and sadsadsad. see her paper with the numbered list of notes?
*sniff sniff*
we can be so good at drama. we half faked, half real'd it.

this little mommy stayed home.
i read only the first chapter, but i closed the book feeling like i had a newborn and a husband who didn't care too much. in other words, she writes quite well. gets you into it. and even with all the details it's not a boring type of details. it's full of different rants about not changing out of the sweatpants since the baby was first born; not getting to do laundry yet; a husband who has not picked up much of any sort of maternalness or responsibility with the baby. (whoa. whoa. whoa. i'm making sure my brothers never are like that. haha.)
also, this feeling and mindset is portrayed: there are two kinds of people. those with children, and those without children.
fascinating, so far.
perhaps i'll get to read more.
inbetween green, quaker summer, and jack & rochelle.
i've never had this many books going at once.
sheesh. what's wrong with me?!
well, i cannot read green before going to bed or i'll still be up reading at 2am. it's freaky. suspenseful. mysterious. fantastical. but ohhh so good.
quaker summer, i started the other night for the 3rd time in my life since i was 17. i highly recommend it. it's kind of about a woman, seeing her material life, and wishing deep in her heart for something more. something meaningful besides work at school, church, and hosting things in the pretty house they own. something that matters.
jack & rochelle. i picked up q.s. because i wasn't in the mood for ww2 nonfiction the other night.
i'm not usually this flip-floppy with books. i'm normally a stick to it through to the end person.

the lens mount to fix my original lens got here today. i'm not going to fidget with it until ben comes home; he solders things on big and tiny machines quite a bit, and he's pretty decent with electronics, etcetera.
he's currently up north with good friends, learning more and helping out with carpentry of all sorts.
i'm excited, because heck--i've been getting inspiration --thank you, Jesus-- for stuff that is pretty truly my own. so maybe i'll do two posts tonight? one, this one, of life, and the other one of canvas?
who knows.
all i know is it's 5:31pm and i need to get dressed. church.
now onto the canvas for today.
and because of my ocd tendencies, i'm . . . wait. do i want to spoil a surprise?
do i want to completely deny my ocd-ness that i have yet to write a post about in favor of keeping a surprise until a personal box gets made to ship this loveliness off the the really lovely recipient? hmmm.
this is tough.

actually, i think i'll post it.
because i reallyreally like it and i so enjoyed painting it and i'm sure the lady will like getting a sneak peek ahead of time before it comes to her. :)
i painted this april 12.

this is for erika.
her blog is chambanachik.
the shadows.
the poem. firsthand. that's my fast-pace penmanship, folks. ;)
ahem--prepare yourself. this next one, there's just something about it. it's my favorite in the whole bunch of making the canvas what it is.
see? there's just something about this photo.
*long sigh*
i could just stare at it. or put it as my laptop's background.
it was a sunny, beautiful day; you can tell.
......wait for it.....
the color just makes me happy.
[later the night i posted this, she posted about this whole lovely thing. commissioned art, she named it. the post nearly makes me cry. :) gosh she's so darn adorable.]

everyone needs to go read aura joon's to don't post. it's gorgeous. peaceful. photo-filled with beauty.
how is it only 10:30 and i'm getting sleepy?

But surely for everything you have to love you have to pay some price.
[Agatha Christie]


Liv Szari said...

Oh goodness, that little chick funeral is both adorable and sad at the same time! "#4. See if anybody else wants to say anything"

Too stinking cute.

heart like mine said...

aww, poor baby chick :(

i'm making a list of all the books you're writing about. i'm horrible at finding good books, but you've given some good ideas. quaker summer sounds like an amazing book.

and your painting to erika is sooo unbelievably sweet. she definitely deserves it. :)

you certainly have a way of cheering up everyone around you, my dear; that's a wonderful gift<3

Becky said...


your playlist makes my heart siiiiiiiiing.

Natalie said...

Aww! i'm sorry about the chick!

And thanks to you, I now have a strong urge to find myself a waffle and cram it into my mouth. =)