Sunday, April 10, 2011

no rain yet?

i bet i'll be falling asleep to a thunderstorm later.
{later, because it's only 8:30 as i'm starting this post.}
do you see what i see here?
it was around 8:20am today. what i see is the light side of the many branches. it's that early-morning sunlight-in-spring thing. yeah.
it was up to 80 today. around 2 weeks ago it was 30. sheesh.
music video of "i'm super girl..." playing on the ipod. oook. ^^no makeup yet. shoot. almost forgot.
eliyah and me outside of church earlier.
garlic naan bread from trader joe's. basil mayo that anna made--amazing stuff! (basil, mayo, olive oil, salt, srirachi sauce.) piece of rotisserie chicken we picked up fresh after church. lots of lettuce.
oh my = love.
the rail outside our front door. i sat right inside the open screen, starting to read the chapter on lot's wife by liz curtis higgs.
gosh it was beautiful today.
the on-sale find at maurice's last year. knee-length, sleeveless and perfect for a day like this.
the back is lacey stuff, and absolutely wonderful.
i hear rain.
yeah, this is the way to go right now.
:) totally jiving to this while the siblings watch merlin. anna's at the hospital as a doula with a birth she's been on-call for the past several days. first born. adorable youngish parents.
a dear lady at church today told me i could pull of platinum. 
if this is the only playing around i do in my youth, that's pretty good, yes? ;)
color, color....
platinum? maybe someday.
anna's willow tree people:) just a few.
the way the neighborhood looked before full sunset. while eating indian chicken curry...going to post the recipe soon! :)
and how awesome is our neighborhood at night?
see that beautiful streetlight? yeah. tons of those (well, not TONS) light the way to take after-dinner walks. oh boy. it's pretty wonderful.
now if you'll excuse me, i'm going to finish a merlin episode with the leftover siblings (hah) and go to sleep sometime before 2a.m.

life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments.
[rose kennedy]


AmyLee said...

looks like a beautiful day... i'm jealous! and i'm totally in love with that adele song right now.

danielle @ take heart said...


i love falling asleep to thunderstorms!

Chana@ Mamma Town said...

You could totally pull off platinum! For real! And I ADORE Trader Joes!! YUM!

charla beth said...

that picture of you and eliyah is so precious <3 :)

aww and i love willow tree people! they're the sweetest.

by the way, that sunset is gorgeous and your neighborhood is absolutely lovely. after-dinner walks, huh? :) i can't say i've ever done that, but you've inspired me to give it a try.

this post was just so simple and wonderful, it warmed my heart.

Amanda said...

I do so love a good thunderstorm!